Protect Your Home From Winter’s Freeze

Protect Your Home From Winter’s Freeze

Freezing temperatures may be good for ice skating or building snowmen, but sub-freezing temperatures can be dangerous for the average person and his or her home.

Cold weather often leaves people scurrying to do whatever is necessary to safeguard themselves from the big chill. But it’s important homeowners also protect their homes in cold weather.

Plumbing and pipes may be vulnerable to cold weather. Frozen pipes may burst and cause substantial damage to a home, potentially causing flooding and structural damage.

Homeowners should disconnect and drain garden hoses before winter arrives. Water to outdoor hose bibs should be turned off, though the valves on these outdoor faucets should be left open to drain. Also, outdoor faucets can be covered with insulating foam covers.

The Red Cross says pipes that freeze most frequently include pipes in unheated areas, such as basements, attics, garages, and crawl spaces. Close vents to the outside in areas like attics and basements to limit the amount of cold air that gets indoors. Think about insulating unheated areas, as well as using pipe sleeves, heat tape or wraps on exposed pipes.

By opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, homeowners can allow warm air from a home to reach pipes under the sink. During extreme freezes, keep cold water dripping from a sink to prevent pipes from freezing.

If you do experience a frozen or burst pipe, it is important to call a licensed and insured Master Plumber like Alexander and Sons. With 24 hour emergency assistance available, they can make an accurate assessment and begin the correct repair quickly. Alexander and sons has been in business in the Fredericksburg area over 40 years and pride themselves on their customer service. Call (888) 959- 8285 for immediate assistance to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Winter’s bite can be severe. Homeowners can protect themselves and their properties when the freeze sets in.

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