5 Simple Ways To Avoid Plumbing Nightmares

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Plumbing Nightmares

Plumbing emergencies usually occur when you least expect them. But, if you undertake certain measures on a frequent basis, you can stop a minor issue from turning into a colossal disaster.

Clean Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Drains Regularly

Proper cleaning and maintenance of sink drains is imperative to ensure seamless functioning. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom sink, don’t throw anything (hair strands, grease, food particles, etc.) down the drain. These objects can develop blockages and slow down or stop the draining process.

Clean your sink drains regularly. Make sure you keep your bathroom and kitchen spic and span. Pour boiling hot water down, baking soda and vinegar down the kitchen drain to clean it. Similarly, install sink traps in your bathrooms to collect hair and other particles before they pass through the pipes.

Know Your Main Water Shut Off Valve

In the event of a leak, you may need to stop water supply to your property. Therefore, you should know the exact location of the water shutoff valve. It’s installed near the water meter. So, turn off the valve to prevent the water leak from causing further damage to your home.

Inspect Your Water Heating System

Coupled with the shutoff valve, you also need to know how to turn off the water heater in case of an emergency. Also, inspect the water heater regularly to make sure it is running condition. Check the heater’s pressure and temperature. Water heaters can last for many years with proper maintenance and care.

Replace Outdated Plumbing Fixtures

Don’t wait till the last minute to replace your fixtures and hoses. You should consider replacing outdated fixtures, such as rubber hoses, lead pipes, etc. Lead pipes pose significant health risks and should be replaced immediately. Rubber hoses can cause moisture issues in a home. You should get copper or stainless steel hoses.

Invest in Regular Tune-Ups

Hire certified, skilled and the best plumbing company in Fredericksburg to inspect your entire plumbing system. Ask your friends and family to recommend technicians they have worked with. Certified, trained plumbers can fix plumbing problems before they become a nightmare.

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